From spicy to sweet with freshness and comfort, the cuisine of Africa is as colorful and diverse as her people. 

Africanchow is a New York City based company that celebrates the diversity of African culture and the uniqueness of the continent through food.  We create digital content and build a community of food lovers around the world. For many of our viewers our platform provides a nostalgic trip home.



Message From the Founder

I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. Growing up, my fondest memories were created around the dinner table, it was a time when my family came together. I remember my mom's catfish pepper soup with yam and plantain fufu.

When I first immigrated to the US for film school I felt lonely living so far from home. Although I missed my family it was the cultural nuances that made me homesick. Every once in a while I treated myself to dinner at a local Nigerian restaurant. The minute I tasted the Joloff rice with goat meat I had flashbacks of my childhood. I remembered our most important Christmas tradition, Joloff rice cooked outside on the firewood. These moments were comforting and familiar in an unknown place.

Over the years, I've built a diverse work portfolio.  I've produced and directed various documentary projects that highlight the multicultural and creative Africans living in the diaspora. As I continue to find my voice as an artist I've realized how much passion and fulfillment I derive from sharing stories about my African heritage with the rest of the world.

I'm also committed to reconstructing the African narrative commonly misrepresented by mainstream media.  I've decided to make my dream a reality  by creating Africanchow, an online digital platform that educates and celebrates African culture through food.

As you follow us on this journey you will truly experience the art of African cuisine and stories told by us. 

Yours truly 

Sammie Amachree | Founder / CEO